January 25, 2015

Making Memories: Week Two

How is it Sunday evening already? The days just keep whizzing by, sometimes I wish time would slow down just a little bit.

Since it’s been super cold and icy outside this week the Nibsy and I have been mostly snuggled up inside the flat, we did venture out a couple of days and boy…were the pavements interesting to navigate. Nibsy skipped along like they weren’t slabs of ice while I slid and slipped and clung on to lamp posts for dear life. We had a great time none the less.

Last weekend we got a fairly decent snowfall and so when our friends decided to come over our way to go sledging and invited us along, well, how could we say no?


Nibsy wasn’t a huge fan of the sledging so he soon abandoned that for swinging instead.


Of course, Matt and I had to get a snow selfie to mark the occasion, we’re not likely to get sledging weather again now until next winter…at least, I hope not.


Do you like my hat? I made it myself using some yarn my mum and dad gifted me at Christmas. It’s Vincent and The Doctor by my friend Mel at The Yarn Tree.

We didn’t make our home education group this week because the friend who was driving us got snowed in and I just wasn’t up to braving the snow and ice on the walk to the train station, we ended up staying home and drinking hot chocolate instead.


On Saturday we traveled to Edinburgh with our friends to enjoy the Burns Night festivities at the castle. We visited last year with the same friends and I think it is safe to say that this event is going to become a yearly tradition for our families.


They have actors dressed up who read out some of Burns’ poetry and tell rather tall tales about Haggis. It has to be admitted that Nibsy had more fun scaling the castle and informing everyone that he was King of it!


Nibsy has been working extremely hard on his reading this week. He has learned several new sounds and has enjoyed picking out a book each day to read with me. We take turns to read sentences, he tackles the ones with the more common sounds in and I cover the ones with trickier words. It’s working really well because he can now enjoy slightly more complicated books which hold his attention better and which he has a desire to actually read.


This set of Usborne books was a gift to Nibsy on his 1st birthday. He likes the rhyming and the stories themselves which is great. My only complaint about them is that I think the font has been badly chosen for beginner readers, resulting in Nibsy sometimes using the wrong sound because he has mistaken a letter.

He has also been completing some worksheets from the Twinkl website. I’m not a huge fan of worksheets and neither is Nibsy usually but he seems to really enjoy these ones so I think we will stick with them for now.

We have a slightly busier week lined up so fingers crossed the ice stays away. I can’t wait for spring.