All the school children have finished their holidays and so life in our little home educated world has also returned to normal. When schools are off so are our piano lessons and we also find our usual hangouts are a bit too crowded for Nibsy’s taste so we tend to spend more time than usual hanging out at home. It’s enjoyable to have a break from our usual busy schedule of activities.

We kicked off the week at home. We’ve been learning about Stonehenge recently, it’s the final part of our Stone Age topic. Grandad has kindly said he will drive us to visit Stonehenge and Avebury Circle next time we are visiting with them. Nibsy is super excited about that. He also spent some time working on his addition, it’s been a while since we did structured maths and he needed a little bit of a refresher.

On Tuesday we both had piano lessons. It had been 4 weeks since our last one and I have to admit that Nibsy had done more practising that I had! We both managed just fine though. Nibsy has moved on to two new songs, he’s not very impressed that he now has to use his thumb for playing notes, for some reason he has a real issue with it because it “feels weird!”

On the way to our piano lesson Nibsy completed a big milestone that he’s been working towards…he finished his first “easy reader” chapter book!


I’ve finally found a subject that he loves to read about – history. He seems to be quite the history buff. He’s already moved on to the next book which is all about Pompeii. The great thing is that I find these books interesting too so it isn’t a chore for me to sit down and listen to him read, it’s a pleasure. He struggles with some of the longer words still so I just read them for him to keep the pace of the reading smooth and fairly quick and I’ve noticed that several of those words he can now read by himself.  He is so very proud of himself – as he should be! He’s worked very hard to reach this point.

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While at piano lesson Nibsy met his friend’s new pet! Guess who wants his own Budgie now?

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Wednesday was another quiet day at home until late afternoon when we had some surprise visitors. My friend A had been day tripping somewhere near(ish) to us with her sister and grandparents so on the way home they stopped in to say Hello to Nibsy and me. We had a lovely wee visit with them and Nibsy seems quite take with A’s sister! She did share her sweets with him which is almost always guaranteed to get you on a child’s good side!

Thursday was Science Club. I really want to start making individual posts for our Science Club meet ups since they’re always filled with such fun and interesting ideas so I’ll just leave you with this photo of the day and let you guess what we might have been up to!


We wrapped up the week by spending the day with great friends. They arrived at just gone 8am (Nibsy was still asleep!) and we spent some time hanging out at our house before piling in our friend’s car and heading in to Glasgow for a board games meet up. This was our first time going and Nibsy was a bit wobbly about it, I think he found the combination of new location plus lots of new people a little overwhelming but he did manage to relax enough to enjoy a couple of board games before it was time to head off. On our way back to the car we spotted a shop with some rather epic looking meringues in the window as well as some super tasty home made ice creams. Since the sun was shining in Glasgow we decided we had better celebrate it with a (not so) little treat for each of us!

13015316_891115894350232_1820000150871428970_n (1)


So, that’s what our week looked like. I’m going to call it a success.

What you been up to this week? Any fun adventures to share?


Weekly Wrap-Up


We first visited The Saltings Nature Reserve in Old Kilpatrick back in January. It was freezing cold but a lovely place to explore so when some friends of ours expressed an interest in visiting the reserve we were totally on board with meeting them there.

Our friends were dog sitting and they brought their little doggie charge along with them. Nibsy was so excited to get to spend the afternoon hanging out in the reserve with a dog, luckily she was a very sweet natured animal because Nibsy was very exuberant about meeting her!


The weather had been forecast as a sunny day but as per usual they weren’t exactly right. It was very cloudy but at least it didn’t rain! Our first stop at the reserve was at a little beach area by the River Clyde and just under the Erskine Bridge. You’d think the area would be loud with a massive duel carriage way running above it but the noise is actually very muffled, I barely noticed it at all.


The boys spent a happy half an hour digging in the sand for stones, exploring an old bird hide and climbing massive pieces of driftwood.

After a while we decided to take a walk through the rest of the reserve, we ended up coming out by the canal path that runs from the Bowling Basin in to Glasgow.


At this point we could turn right and head back to the entrance of the reserve or left and follow the canal a mile or so in to Bowling. We opted for Bowling, when I’ve gone through there on the train I had spotted a nice looking play park that I’ve been wanting to take Nibsy to try our so this seemed to be the perfect opportunity. Enjoy a walk by the canal with friends and then spend some time on the play equipment.

The boys were happy enough to potter along the canal path and explore things that took their interest along the way. It’s so much fun to be out and about in nature with children who really appreciate it. I know when I was a child I’d have moaned the entire way about it!


We stopped off at Bowling Basin and met this fine specimen of an owl. Nibsy was especially taken with him, I think if he could have carried him home he would have!


We finished up the day with a hot drink (for the adults) and a cake (for the children) by the river in Dumbarton. Perfect!