Wow, over a month since I blogged? Well, I’m jumping right back in to it with What We’re Reading Wednesday.

Our current book has been chosen by our online book club. We’ve not had much success with the last few reads chosen through book club, either the story didn’t capture Nibsy’s attention or life got super hectic and we ended up not finishing it. I have high hopes for this month though because Nibsy is loving this story…

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

This is one of those books that I’ve always wanted to read but never actually have so it’s really great to be able to share this with Nibsy. On a personal note, I think the book is fabulous, the descriptions are detailed and engaging and the language just that right middle ground that I love for my boy, complicated¬†enough that he expands his vocabulary and simple enough that he can easily follow the story.

Nibsy has seen several film versions of the story and enjoyed them so he was very keen to start reading the book. I was slightly concerned that he wouldn’t enjoy the book for this reason, sometimes seeing the film first can spoil the book for you when it doesn’t fit what you expect. Absolutely not a problem. Nibsy is enjoying it so much that he has been approaching me and begging me to read him a chapter rather than me having to tempt him in to it. His favourite character at the moment is the white rabbit, in fact he was inspired by the rabbit to make his own fan the other day…


…luckily for me he didn’t ask to make kid gloves because my craft skills really aren’t up to the task.

I think it would be super fun to finish the book off with a Mad Hatter’s tea party, maybe we’ll invite some friends around to join us!