The last two weeks have been split between staying with Grandma and Grandad Brammall in Derby and having Nana and Grandad Passey come stay with us in Scotland.

Grandad Ian arrived late on Friday night in Scotland and the next day he drove us all down to Derby. We hadn’t even cleared the boundaries of Dumbarton before Nibsy was asking if we were in England yet so you can imagine just how long the 5.5 hour journey felt!


Our time spent in Derby is usually focused on seeing friends and family – and shopping! Nibsy always comes away with a bundle of new clothes and toys and, although quite unusual for a 6 year old, he really enjoys shopping for new outfits. I’m trying to let him make his own choices these days about what he wears which results in bright outfits such as this…


The photo doesn’t really do the colours justice, trust me, you need sunglasses to view these clothes in all their florescent glory!

Despite spending must of our time hanging around, drinking coffee (juice for Nibsy!) and catching up with people, we did make one exciting day trip. I want to blog about it in a lot more detail so I’ll just leave you with this photo of the day and tell you that it was totally awesome!


We arrived back in Scotland late on Saturday evening. We had planned to travel up on the Sunday but there were reports of bad weather arriving in the form of Storm Henry and we wanted to try and beat it. We did get caught in a few brief snow flurries on the motorway but otherwise the journey was pretty uneventful.

Monday afternoon the Nana and Grandad arrived at our house. They had been planning to visit us just before Christmas but Grandad Geoff had a fall while he was out walking in the hills and broke his leg, he’s been in a plaster cast for 6 weeks and just got it off a week ago, hence the postponing of the visit until this week.

Tuesday ended up being quite a big day for Nibsy. We took Nana and Grandad over to our friends house for Nibsy’s piano lessons. He missed the first two lessons of 2016 and I really didn’t want him missing another. I was a little concerned as he’d had a rough lesson just before Christmas that resulted in some tears but this time was just fine, he said it went really well and the teachers notes in his book said that also. Phew. Afterwards this happened…


Yep! The hair is all gone. Can you believe it? He looks so different. Last week he mentioned that he was thinking about having it cut and then on Sunday evening while I was clipping his Dad’s hair he announced he was ready for it to be done. He was most adamant he didn’t want it as short as his Dad’s though, it needed to still “ruffle in the wind!” So 35 minutes in the barber and this was the end result. Long enough to ruffle in the wind and to gel if he so pleases and he does so please!

We woke up on Wednesday to blue skies and sun! SUN! I can’t remember that last time we had that. It seems to have been weeks of snow, rain, sleet, ice and grey skies so this was a much needed change. Not the type of people to waste a lovely day, Nibsy and I decided to take Nana and Grandad to see Dumbarton Rock. In hindsight it might not have been our most excellent idea since it sits on top of a massive volcanic rock and we had a Nana who doesn’t like heights and a Grandad with a freshly healed leg. Everyone seemed to enjoy the trip though and that’s the main thing!



I love this photo of Nibsy and his Grandad Geoff.


Finally, we finished the fortnight up with Book Club. We’re currently reading The Nowhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie. We’re about half way through and so far Nibsy and I would both high recommend it. It’s one of our favourite book club reads so far.


February 3, 2016

Staying Local


I think it’s pretty apparent from the blog that all of us in the Nibsy house really enjoy travelling a little further afield and exploring new places but sometimes we get so caught up in it that we forget we have some lovely places to visit locally. On of my aims for 2016 is to spend more time in local parks, forests and nature reserves.

So a couple of weeks ago, after 4 days of being stuck in the house we donned our warm and waterproof clothes, waded our way through some surprisingly thick fog and took a trip to our nearest big park, Levengrove.

We spent a fair bit of time in the park last summer but it’s been a while since we headed over there for a play. Nibsy was keen to go on the swings and I was keen to see how the view over the Clyde and Dumbarton rock was in the barren winter months. The answer was – still totally stunning!


One of the great things about home educating is that we often get local parks to ourselves in the week and so Nibsy can go on anything he wants to without jostling with loads of other children. For a while now he’s been able to keep a swing going himself as long as someone started him off but this day he finally mastered the art of swinging all by himself from scratch. I don’t think you’ve ever seen such a proud boy!


After some time on the play park we took a little wander down to the Clyde and the wee beachy area next to it. The beach is covered in rocks, stones and other little gems for Nibsy to search through and add to his collection of treasures. Let me tell you, this boy of mine is obsessed with stones. He’s collected them from all over Scotland and England and no room in my house is complete without a little pile of them somewhere. I even got in to bed the other night to be greeted by a rather large specimen that I’m always worried he’ll drop and break his toes with!


We spent about 20 minutes searching and ended up with two rather big rocks (that went in my rucksack) and a delightful piece of driftwood for him to decorate his windowsill in his bedroom with.

By the time we had finished the fog had turned to quite heavy rain, not at all unusual when you live in the West of Scotland, so we decided it was time to make the 30 minute walk home and find somewhere to put our new found treasures and maybe have a nice, warm, cup of hot chocolate.