Hi all!

We’ve had a busy but enjoyable week.

We started it off with a quiet day at home, I knew we’d be out for the majority of the week so decided we needed this one day to just relax and do not much of anything. We did find time in our relaxing to make our own exploding volcano though. We got the instructions from Whizz Pop Bang magazine. Nibsy’s has been receiving it for a while now and it’s well worth the money. The best bit for is is that the experiments often just need items we have hanging around the house anyway!


We also spent some time trying out some Sand Putty that Nibsy’s Grandma sent to him a few weeks ago.


It promised to have the qualities of wet sand without being wet. Nibsy certainly enjoyed playing with it and used his collection of stones and sticks to build his very own Stonehenge but it did seem very much like wet sand to me. It was still pretty crumbly…until I went to put it back in it’s tub and then it seemed to stick to the tuff spot tray like cement. I did manage to rescue about three quarters of it so Nibsy will be able to make use of it again.


On Tuesday we both had a piano lesson. I’ve dropped the lessons to fortnightly as Nibsy was finding weekly a bit of a strain. He’s doing really well, he practices hard and is moving through his lessons and songs well, he just needs more confidence in himself! His teacher is really fabulous, very patient and understanding of little boys with very big emotions.

Wednesday we ventured over to Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow to meet up with a few other home educators. The meet up was meant to be outside play as they have extensive grounds for the children to explore but the fine weather decided to break and it absolutely chucked it down with rain. We spent an hour sheltering under the trees – well, the parents did – before we decamped to the museum and art gallery that sits in the park grounds.


Nibsy is really in to all things science at the moment so he was very excited to explore this microscope. It has several different slides to examine and was hooked up to a display screen where you could alter the zoom and focus however you so chose. Nibsy was most interested in how the coins looked close up.

The museum is currently hosting an exhibit called Gift for the Gods which is about Egyptian animal mummies. It has only just opened when we were there so was pretty busy, we decided to give it a skip and go back in a few weeks time when hopefully it’ll be a little quieter. Nibsy has been expressing some interest in Ancient Egypt and Pharaohs so I think this will be an awesome way to kick start a new history project. I have to admit that I love history so I’m pleased that Nibsy is showing an interest as well.

On Thursday we were back in the city again but this time at a friends house for Science Club. This week it was little less science and a little more messy play which Nibsy and his friend seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.


The boys played with

Coloured Salt

Cornflour gloop/Oobleck

Cornflour “ice cream”

Water Beads

Nibsy’s favourite was the coloured salt and water beads. He mixed them all up with water, some strawberry scent and food colouring and created a “special potion”. He then put some in to small tubs and in to the freezer. They hadn’t had time to freeze by the time we left our friends house so we’ll have to check them out next time. The boys also put some of the water beads in to the freezer on their own to see what would happen. The end product has been renamed “Ice beads” and it turns out that they smash in a rather satisfying way when thrown at the floor.


We’d hoped the weather would be good so we could keep all the mess out in the garden but alas, this is Glasgow, it rained! I felt quite sorry for my friends kitchen floor by the time the boys have finished up.

We also had plans to do some shaving foam paintings but we ran out of time – maybe next time!

Today we had planned to go to our fortnightly Board Games Meet Up but Nibsy was worn out from all the other exciting activities this week and opted to stay home and relax. Good choice Nibsy!

What fun things have you been up to this week?

Weekly Wrap-Up


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This week Nibsy turned the grand old age of 7!

The celebrations started a little early with the arrival of his Nana and Grandad on Saturday. The next day we packed a picnic and headed over to Gourock for their 60th Anniversary Highland Games. We met up with some friends there and my friend “A” brought along an awesome Pokeball cake that she had baked for Nibsy.


How awesome is that? I’m always super grateful that A comes to my rescue in regards to birthday cakes for Nibsy. I can cook just fine but baking is really not my thing.

Nibsy wasn’t too keen on the games themselves so he went off to the play park with his Nana and spent his time digging a giant hole in the sand with some other children. His Grandad however seemed very taken with the games. Who doesn’t enjoy men throwing lots of heavy items around?


On Monday (his actual birthday) we took a trip to the Sea Life Centre at Loch Lomond. Nibsy’s original request was to try the Tree Zone experience there but at the last minute he decided it was probably too high off the ground for his taste and he’d rather go see the fish. Good choice Nibsy!


At the Sea Life Centre they have some little “rock pools” you can explore. Nibsy was allowed to touch a starfish and also to see a shark egg and a stingray egg, the rays were his favourite exhibit so he was thrilled to get to see an egg as well.

While we were wandering around I suddenly remembered we’d already done a Sea Life Centre trip once before as a birthday treat. Last time it was his first birthday and we visited the centre in Birmingham. How times change!


After he had enjoyed touching starfish, admiring the rays and watching the resident sea turtle being fed we headed back out in to the glorious Scottish sunshine. Yes, you read that right. The sun was shining in Scotland – maybe it wanted to celebrate Nibsy’s birthday with us? ¬†We decided to take our picnic a few miles up the road to Balloch Castle and Country Park. We visited the park in January with Uncle Dave and Lisa, it was gorgeous in the dead of winter so we thought it would be even more so on a sunny spring day. First though…


…ice cream! The sun was shining and we were celebrating a birthday – it would have been rude not too!


Sadly there was no access to the Castle as they seem to be doing some renovations on it but it didn’t matter we go to enjoy the stunning views of Loch Lomond, eat some scrummy food and then explore a stream – when I saw explore a stream I mean Nibsy stripped off his socks and shoes, clambered of rocks and tree branches and thoroughly enjoyed himself in the process.


We finished up the day at the local pub for Nibsy’s favourite meal, Mac and Cheese with broccoli. I’d say that it was a pretty satisfactory 7th birthday!

The next day the women and menfolk split up. My mum and I went shopping and for lunch in nearby Clydebank and my Dad, Matt and Nibsy went walking in the Kilpatrick Hills.


My Dad is a seasoned hill walker, he’s completed the Offa’s Dyke Path and the West Highland Way as well as “bagged” all the mountains in Wales. He seemed pretty impressed with Nibsy’s walking prowess. They covered about 6 miles in total and Dad said some of the walking was quite rough terrain for little legs. Nibsy was definitely worn out by the end of it but he seemed to have had a really great time.

On Wednesday Nana and Grandad headed home to England. We decided to spend the day at home relaxing. Everyone was quite worn out from the birthday shenanigans so it was a good choice!

On Thursday we had Science Club. Since Matt had the whole week off work he was able to come along with us for the first time. Nibsy was still a bit worn out from all the fun earlier in the week and so he wasn’t as in to his science activities as usual but he did enjoy hanging out in his friends garden, especially when he and his friend managed to cover themselves head to toe shaving foam!


Science club can be a messy business. He also enjoys hanging out on the shed roof!

We finished up the week with another, much needed, quiet day at home!

Weekly Wrap-Up