It’s been a bit of a different week in the Nibsy house. On Monday we had our friends over so that we could create some placards because on Tuesday we were off to our very first protest.



The protest itself was on Tuesday in George Square, Glasgow. We gathered with other people from the area in support of the North Kelvin Meadow and The Children’s Wood. We’ve only just discovered this amazing little area which is hidden away in the West End of Glasgow but we already love it. Campaigners have been fighting for 7 years to keep it safe from developers who want to level it and build 90 flats on the land. On Tuesday the council was due to review a planning application from the developers and from The Children’s Wood (who want to keep the land as it is now, to be used by the local community) – our aim was to get the council to agree to a site visit so they can see how the meadow is currently utilised in hopes that they will realise that building on the land is a bad idea. The site visit was granted (hooray!) and so now we wait for that to happen. I imagine there will be more protesting about this issue in the future.

Nibsy is really very passionate about the issue, in fact he demanded I allow him to speak to the city council, after some discussion we settled on him writing a letter to them explaining why he thinks the Meadow and Woods should be left alone. He really enjoyed the experience of his first protest, it of course helped that so many people stopped to admire his placard and a lovely woman let him pet her dog. It wasn’t a huge protest which also made it easier.

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On Wednesday we had our home ed meetup, this week it was at Loch Lomond. The visitors area has a large play area so the children went wild on that while the adults sat around and had chat – it’s nice for everyone to catch up with each other and just be social.

Thursday and Friday were spent at home but we did have friends come by for a surprise visit with board games and hot chocolate which was much appreciated as the temperature here is really starting to drop quite quickly now but we have been blessed with plenty of clear skies and Autumn sunshine as well Рlong may it last.

On Saturday we went out for the day which is quite unusual for us these days. Usually after a busy week of play for me and Nibsy and work for Daddy we just like to stay at home and relax. However our friend had snagged us free tickets for a Halloween workshop at the arts centre in Greenock. Nibsy got to make a Halloween themed umbrella which is quite inspired when you realise just how much it rains in Scotland!


When we arrived at the centre we discovered the room we were in had an amazing view over the firth of Clyde and Helensburgh. While we watched the blue sky disappeared to be replaced by grey clouds and the most glorious double rainbow I have ever seen, sadly despite my best efforts I couldn’t capture both of the rainbows on camera, the second one was just too pale.


Nibsy was stood with his nose pressed against the window “oooohing” and “ahhhhhing” at the beauty of it.

Sunday was a quiet day at home and the dreaded evil – housework!

I hope you’ve all had a great week and are looking forward to the one ahead!

The week started off quietly as is generally the rule in our house with a day spent at home. I was pleased to have one day of down time because I knew we’d be heading out of the house for big chunks of the time ever other day.

Tuesday was meant to be piano but there was a bit of a mix up in arrangements and it ended up not happening. It wasn’t a wasted day though because we got to hang out with our friends and even take a trip to Go Outdoors. I picked up a new rucksack for when Nibsy and I are out and about on day trips, it’s come in very useful already and only cost ¬£7.99. I can’t complain at that.

Wednesday is usually our home ed meet up day but I had an important meeting over in Inverclyde. Along with three other brilliant women I’ve recently become part of a self reliant group (SRG) and we had a meeting scheduled with a financial advisor. Luckily for me the charity that helps women set up these SRGs are very understanding of our demands as mothers also because I had to bring Nibsy along with me. Nibsy was the only child there this time (sometimes the other ladies have their children along!) and I cannot praise him highly enough. He sat with us and spent almost the entire 2.5 hours drawing pictures and writing in his “secret book”. He’s becoming more and more interested in writing and has realised just how useful it is in life, it’s a joy to see! It must have been a boring morning for him but he didn’t utter a word of complaint. On the way home we stopped to collect some autumn leaves for an art project.


On Thursday we joined some friends for our fortnightly science afternoon. The children involved are aged between 5-7 and at the moment each mum brings along a science activity for the children to participate in based upon a theme. This week the theme was “Light”. We’ve been trying to keep the activities open ended and focused exploration and discovery rather than step by step experiments. For our activity I took along some toilet rolls, rubber bands and different colour cellophane so they could make colourful telescopes to look through. Nibsy enjoyed layering up the different colours to see how it would effect the colour of his surroundings.


The children also enjoyed creating shadow shapes with their bodies and toys behind a backlit sheet


and to finish up the had a go at making an arrow change direction using a glass of water.


On Friday we headed over to Paisley for the Paisley Spree as they had some free children’s activities going on. Luckily we met a couple of friends there because when we arrived for the Minecraft event it had already filled up so instead we spent some time by the river and the abbey and the children played Pokemon games together. We had more luck getting in to the Lego event in the afternoon but sadly it was really poorly organised and not as much fun as we had hoped it would be. No matter though because the children and adults all had fun in each others company despite that.



The weekend was spent quietly at home, a much needed rest after a busy week!