Phew, it’s been a busy few weeks in the Nibsy household and I’ve fallen woefully behind on my blogging but I’m determined to get my posts written about our recent fun times.

A few weeks ago A, who is a mum of three, found herself with just the one child for a week. Her eldest two were off at summer camps and so we decided to take Nibsy and her boy T, who is the same age as Nibsy, on a little camping adventure to Inverness.

I’ve been to Inverness once before when I was a very young child, so young that I don’t really remember much of it, we stopped off at Loch Ness on a road trip to John O Groats so I’ve been keen to return and to take Nibsy with me.

We set off early – for us – on the Wednesday morning and after a quick pit stop at Asda for provisions we hit the road. Our first stop was to be the Highland Folk Museum in Newtonmore where we planned to camp nearby for the night before heading for Loch Ness the next day. However, the SatNav decided to lead us on a very interesting and scenic route which took us with two miles of Doune Castle – a place both A and I have been wanting to take the children for a while – it would have been rude not to stop off for an hour.


The castle and its surrounding grounds was absolutely stunning and the boys had a fabulous time exploring broken walls, twisting staircases and hidden doorways in to secret rooms.


It was such a shame that we could only spend an hour there before hitting the road again. It’s definitely a place that we want to revisit and hopefully take Daddy with us next time. Nibsy and I both seem to enjoy castles that are less commercial without big events or shows and huge crowds of tourists, it’s so much more fun to look around and explore when there aren’t a gazillion people in your way.


After our whirlwind castle tour we set off again for our original destination and arrived at the Highland Folk Museum at about lunch time.


After a brief stop for sandwiches and a play on the park we set off to explore the museum. It’s an open air museum that spans over a mile, starting with a 1700s Township and finishing up with a working croft in the 1930s.



The 1700s township was definitely my favourite part of the museum, we took a lovely walk through the woods to reach it and it felt very authentic. They even had fires burning in some of the huts so you could experience how it would have looked and smelled…Nibsy was NOT keen on the smell of the place at all.


While we were walking to the township the boys were excited to be passed by a tractor and discover that you could take a ride on it around the museum. We decided to walk back to the main area and then take the tractor down to the croft. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like a tractor ride to get little boys excited, they could not wait to get on it! We happened to board it as it was heading back towards the township so we got a double long ride…perfect.

A funny story…the museum has an old school building in which you can take a “lesson” with an old fashioned “teacher”. I didn’t go in but my friend took both the boys in. While I was waiting outside a couple walked by my chuckling and I heard the man say “What did that little boy say?”, the woman replied “I hate school and I am never going”. I knew at that point that it must have been one of our boys. When my friend came out I asked her if something had happened. Turned out Nibsy wasn’t happy about doing school work and had got himself in a bit of a tizz. At the end of the “lesson” the teacher told him that he had to go to school to get a job to which my boy replied “I don’t go to school because I’m home educated and I’m going to be a philosopher”.


We finished off our visit with a trip the village sweet shop – a must for everyone – and a quick play on the toy tractor before we headed off in search of a camp site for the night.


I seem to be back in to my Weekly Wrap Up blogging at last which is good (even if it is a day late!) I love going back and reading what we were up to this time last year.

This week we have been working on Nibsy’s reading skills which are slowly and surely improving, his confidence just keeps increasing and he’s started actively trying to read words around him rather than relying on me to read them for him. We still really enjoy reading chapter books together and are currently working our way through the Edgar and Ellen series by Charles Ogden.

Nibsy has also found a fresh interest in all things space. He had a phase a few years ago where he was obsessed with it and we seem to be back there again but at an even higher level of knowledge. I often find myself having to google some of the facts he comes out with. Nibsy’s Dad has a masters in astrophysics so he tends to fill him full of information that I know nothing about. I was also impressed yesterday when Nibsy recited the planets in order of their distance from the sun. I can only do that by saying them really really fast or remembering “My Very East Method Just Simply Uses Nine Planets” and then deducting the Planets since Pluto has lost that status.


This weeks weather was a wee bit strange. It was very hot and humid but cloudy for a lot of it. Not pleasant. On Wednesday we braved the hot outdoors and headed over to Strathaven Park to meet with out home education group. I’ve never been to this park before and it is absolutely gorgeous, Nibsy approved too. On our way there we had to switch trains several times and ended up with a 25 minutes wait in a scorching hot Central Station…what better way to cool down than with some frozen drinks. Nibsy got his own and he was super pleased at the unexpected treat.


He spent a few fun hours playing with his friends at the park before the temperature got the best of him and he had to come lie down for a quick relax, you can see he was very red in the face from running around so much, poor lad is like me, we aren’t built for anything much above freezing.

I can home from the meet up with not one but two children. Nibsy’s friend T came for a last minute sleepover, I’ve been promising them a sleepover for ages now so decided I had better follow through. They were both good as gold and I barely heard a peep from them all evening since they were playing together so nicely. In the morning they rolled out of bed and straight in to the back garden to play. We’re all absolutely loving having this outdoor space and it helps that our neighbour doesn’t mind the children running around on his patch of lawn either – double the space to play in.



Once everyone was up and dressed with headed over to Greenock to reunite T with his parents. We also enjoyed a play in the park and a stop by the Lego shop for Mini Build Day a.k.a Free Lego Day! Of course, the best bit was ice cream in the sunshine with friends.


Saturday was our friends birthday BBQ. We woke up to torrential downpours but the forecast promised better weather that evening so with fingers crossed we got ourselves dressed up and headed on over to their house.


The theme was fifties which was great for me as I had this dress sitting in my wardrobe for 7 months (it was a Christmas present) just begging to be worn. My friend A came over and did my hair for me, it was her first attempt at a fifties “do” and I think she did a fab job. All in all we had 15 children at the BBQ but you wouldn’t have thought it as the rain did clear away and they spent most of their time playing in the garden.

And that pretty much sums up our week. Phew. They always seem to start off quiet and end up being packed with fun things.

The plan for this week is a special trip somewhere in Scotland…more on that next Wrap Up!